• Mining waste in Northern Lapland could be a future resource

    In this second report from the results from sampling of waste from closed Swedish mines, SGU look at the northern parts of Lapland in Sweden. The results show high grades of lead, copper, and zinc from waste rock and tailings from three closed mines: Viscaria, Pahtohavare and Laisvall.

    9 November 2023

  • Mine waste and artisanal and small-scale mining in focus at ITP308 in 2023

    Another year has passed and the ITP program has been active with several activities during the year, including the start of two new groups and two regional conferences in Zambia and Rwanda. A brief summary of the year follows. Get a good view of the ITP308 programme in the film below, including interviews with some of the participants from 2023.

    6 November 2023

  • New insights on Swedish mining waste may contribute to a circular economy

    Old mining waste may be an important part of a circular and resource-efficient economy. But increased knowledge of secondary resources is needed. The Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) is now publishing the first of a total of six reports with results from sampling of waste from closed Swedish mines.

    17 October 2023

  • New Chief Mining Inspector appointed

    Helena Kjellson has been appointed as new Chief Mining Inspector of the Mining Inspectorate of Sweden. The decision was taken at a government meeting on Thursday 21 September. Kjellson has been serving as deputy Chief Mining Inspector since the summer of 2022 until the government could appoint a permanent replacement for the previous Chief Mining Inspector.

    27 September 2023

  • Characteristics of granite in Bergslagen can show the way to findings of tungsten

    Unique characteristics of certain granites in the western Bergslagen ore district in Sweden can be a clue in the search for critical raw materials such as tungsten and fluorspar. This is shown in a new report from the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU).

    19 September 2023

  • Exploration Newsletter September 2023

    What´s up in the exploration and mining industry in Sweden? Find out by downloading the latest issue of Exploration Newsletter.

    14 September 2023

  • Investigating locations for carbon dioxide storage

    Marine seismic investigations outside the coast of Skåne and test drilling on southern Gotland: the Swedish Geological Survey (SGU) is now commencing two important projects within the framework of our government assignment to investigate the potential for permanent carbon dioxide storage within Swedish bedrock.

    28 August 2023

  • Mining, Environment, and Sustainable Development at the ITP Conference in Rwanda

    Enhancing the capacities of authorities working towards sustainable mining industries in low- and middle-income countries with significant or growing mining sectors takes center stage in SGU's international capacity development programme on mines and the environment, ITP308 – Mine water and mine waste management. At the end of August, the programme will hold a regional conference in Kigali, Rwanda, with participants from five African countries.

    17 August 2023

  • Stable production from Swedish mines despite uncertainties

    Swedish ore production reached just over 87 million tonnes in 2022, a 2 percent decrease compared with 2021. Despite the ongoing geopolitical and economic uncertainties, the situation in the Swedish mining industry remained stable. The turnover amounted to SEK 69 billion, a similar level to the previous year. That and much else can be gleaned from the latest edition of the SGU report Statistics of the Swedish Mining Industry.

    2 June 2023

  • EU groundwater on the agenda – SGU hosts meeting in Uppsala

    On 19–20 April, the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) will host the spring groundwater meeting for the EU Water Framework Directive. The meeting, which is held at Studenternas in Uppsala, brings together representatives from the European Commission, the EU member states and from industry and interest organizations.

    17 April 2023

  • Exploration Newsletter February 2023

    What´s up in the exploration and mining industry in Sweden? Find out by downloading the latest issue of Exploration Newsletter.

    24 February 2023

  • More positive attitudes to mining in Sweden

    Six out of ten people (62 %) between the ages of 18 and 79 think that the Swedish mining industry should be given the opportunity to develop in order to secure the supply of important metals, and every second person (49 %) could see themselves accepting an active mine in their vicinity. This is revealed by a survey carried out by the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) in cooperation with survey & analysis company Novus.

    24 January 2023

  • Statistics of the Swedish Mining Industry 2021

    The Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) publish a yearly statistical summary of the Swedish mining and mineral industry. In relation to the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, SGU releases an English version of the report for the first time.

    12 January 2023