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Tasks and activities

SGU is the governmental agency that is responsible for questions revolving bedrock, soil and groundwater in Sweden. Our mission is to provide geological information to fit society’s needs on both short and long term.

We collect and provide basic geological information

Industrial development is important for a society to move forward and grow. We support this by collecting and providing geological information and expert assessments. Geological information is also an important foundation to help make well-thought-out decisions in urban planning.

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We gather and strengthen the geological research in Sweden

Geological research is the foundation that carries Earth science and its applications forward. Our contribution is to conduct our own research, provide support to universities and take part in networks and collaboration projects. We also have the ambition to act as a bridge between research and its application and results in society.

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We actively work to keep Sweden’s environmental objectives

SGU is responsible for the national environmental objective "Groundwater of good quality", which also includes reduced use of natural gravel. SGU also contributes to the work with the environmental objective "Non-toxic environment" by inventorying, investigating and addressing contaminated sites so that they do not pose any threat to human health or the environment. We also work with issues that are included in several other environmental quality objectives and goals. 

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Last reviewed 2020-09-22