Planning and land use

We present geological information for planning at the regional and local level – for efficient, secure, climate-adapted and sustainable land use.

Building and maintaining a sustainable society requires planning. Construction of buildings, roads and other changes in land and water use have consequences for their surroundings for a long time to come. County administrative boards and municipalities are responsible for regional and municipal plans. Planning and construction should not only take into account the expectations of people in today's society but also the needs of future generations. For this reason, short-term and long-term planning must consider land requirements both for such things as construction and for the extraction of natural resources.

Plans and decisions require relevant and quality assured documentation.

Geological information constitutes such documentation and is of great importance in many problems and planning issues. This information is to be used for assessing factors such as soil stability, ground conditions, groundwater occurrences, geological formations with high natural values, natural resources such as peat, natural gravel and rock suitable for crushing.

Planners and decision-makers need knowledge and awareness of how this information should be used.

SGU's role is to provide this information and ensure that it leads to sound plans and decisions.

Picture with examples of areas where geological knowledge is needed.

Last reviewed 2020-09-21