About SGU

The Geological Survey of Sweden – SGU – is the government authority responsible for issues relating to bedrock, soil and groundwater in Sweden.

Our key task is to meet society's need for geological information.

SGU is also responsible for one of Sweden’s 16 Environmental Quality Objectives, the Good-Quality Groundwater objective, which also involves reducing the use of natural gravel.

Other important areas of work for SGU are:

  • Supporting the sustainable development of the mining, rock and mineral industry
  • Promoting the use of geological information in societal planning
  • Uniting and strengthening geological research in Sweden
  • Bringing geology and geological knowledge to the fore in the social debate and in schools
  • The Mining Inspectorate is a separate decision-making body within SGU. It is responsible for issuing permits for minerals exploration and extraction under the Minerals Act (1991:45).

Mining Inspectorate of Sweden

SGU also has a supervisory and licensing role in terms of the Swedish Continental Shelf Act (1966:315) and with regard to the Reindeer Husbandry Act (1971:437).

SGU currently has some 250 employees. The majority works at our headquarters in Uppsala. Others are stationed at our regional offices in Gothenburg, Lund, Malå, and Luleå (Mining Inspectorate). Our annual turnover is around SEK 340 million.

Last reviewed 2023-03-10