Photo: Esko, Daniel, SGU

Environmental objectives

The Swedish government and parliament has decided that, by the time of the next generation, Sweden should have resolved the major environmental problems. 16 national environmental objectives describe how the environment is supposed to look. SGU is responsible for the objective called “Groundwater of good quality” but also work with several issues that are included in many of the other environmental objectives.

There are 16 environmental objectives that indicate the state of the Swedish environment that the environmental work is going to aim towards. Eight national governmental agencies are assigned one or several environmental objectives and have responsibility for monitoring and evaluating them. SGU is responsible for the objective called “Groundwater of good quality”.

SGU also contributes to the work with the environmental objective “Non-toxic environment” by inventorying, investigating and addressing contaminated sites so that they do not pose any threat to human health or the environment.

You can find more information about the 16 environmental objectives and the work done to achieve them at the Swedish environmental objective portal. 

Last reviewed 2020-09-22