A screen. Illustration.

Graphic: Tove Wendelin, SGU.

A map. Illustration.

Graphic: Tove Wendelin, SGU.

Mine. Illustration.

Graphic: Tove Wendelin/SGU

The front of a publication. Illustration.

Graphic: Tove Wendelin, SGU.

Geological information for mineral exploration

A map. Illustration.

A very important part of SGUs responsibility is to survey and document the geology of Sweden – not least with a view to facilitate mineral exploration.

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Critical raw materials

Vanadinite. Photo.

Critical materials are defined according to two main criteria for each individual raw material: its economic importance for the European industry and its supply risk, that is, the risk of interruptions in the supply to Europe.

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Environmental monitoring and data hosting sediments

Ocean Surveyor. Photo.

Photo: Carl-Erik Alnavik/SGU

SGU performs the national environmental monitoring of offshore sediments and is the data host for marine and lake sediments.

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Amphibolite gneiss. Photo.

About SGU

The Geological Survey of Sweden, SGU, is the expert agency for issues relating to bedrock, soil and groundwater in Sweden.

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