Photo: Thomas Eliasson, SGU.


A rock consists of one or more minerals. Various rocks differ from another by for example mineral composition or physical properties such as inner texture and structure.

Bedrock geology is the study of the Earth's crust.: the formation, development and destruction of rocks, as well as the underlying processes.


A rock is made up of crystals or grains of one or usually several minerals. Different rocks differ from each other through, among other things, mineral composition and internal structure.

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Minerals are the building blocks of the crust on Earth and other terrestrial planets. They build up the rocks and the rocks in turn build up the crust. But what characterizes minerals? How are they formed? How many are there? Here you get answers to these and other questions about minerals.

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The bedrock of Sweden

Sweden's bedrock consists of three main units, the bedrock, remnants of a sedimentary rock cover and the mountain bedrock.

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