Utsnitt karta.

Soil types 1:25 000-1:100 000

The map viewer "Soil types 1:25 000–1:100 000" provides an overview of the properties of soil types. The information can be used as a basis for planning, analysis, research and education.

The information can be used in the civil engineering to provide a basis for very general planning in, for example, construction projects and road planning. The information can also be used for prospecting purposes and for groundwater-related matters. The map should be used with great care when analysing and assessing soil conditions.

The soil types are differentiated in terms of the method of formation and particle size composition. In some cases, surface layers of soil with a thickness of less than half a meter to a meter and layers of soil in depth have been reported. Specific land types, such as hummocky moraine, moraine ridges and migrating sand dunes have also been reported.

The map viewer contains information on soil types (base layer, underlying layer, thin or discontinuous surface layer), land shape, ground blockiness, line object, and point object. The map viewer also contains a coverage map where you can view the mapped areas and the extent of the mapped areas. In map viewer start mode, only the coverage map is displayed with the product's extent and, if sufficient magnification is shown, the distribution of the soil types.

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Last reviewed 2021-12-28