Utsnitt karta.

Acid sulphate soil

The map viewer "Acid sulphate soil" shows where acid sulphate soil may be present along the coast of Västernorrland, Västerbotten and Norrbotten.

It is primarily aimed at those working with overview and detailed planning at county administrative board and municipality level, administrators and planners at various authorities, consultants and contractors in the field of land and planning and land owners.

The map illustrates three classes:

  1. areas where acid sulphate soil is not likely to occur
  2. areas with active acid sulphate soil. Below the acid sulphate soil lies soil which may potentially be acidic if the groundwater level is lowered.
  3. areas where active acid sulphate soil may be formed (potential acid sulphate soil)

It is important to remember that the map is a model, showing which areas are likely to be covered by acid sulphate soil. In many areas there are no verified observations indicating whether or not acid sulphate soil is present. This means, amongst other things, that although the map does not indicate that there may be acid sulphate soil in a certain area, it cannot be entirely excluded that it may exist. However, it is more likely that there is no acid sulphate soil present than that there is acid sulphate soil present.

The acid sulphate soil map has been developed by machine learning where the relationship between observations (presence of acid sulphate soils at a specific site) and environmental variables (national elevation model, variables of the elevation model, new national soil coverage data, gamma radiation and the soil-types map) has been used to predict whether acid sulphate soil is likely to occur in areas where no observations are made. Modelling has excluded areas defined on the soil-types map as moraine or rock. In addition, some areas in Västernorrland have been excluded because there are no maps of soil-types of sufficiently high-quality.

The "Acid sulphate soil map" is updated in April every year as new information is added.

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Last reviewed 2021-12-28