Section of a map from the map viewer Ballast. Illustration.


The map viewer "Ballast" contains information that is important for the planning of society's ballast supply. The information can be used as a basis for authorities in their work with planning of material supply and licensing of quarries or for the planning of new quarries by the ballast industry.

Crushed rock, macadam, is the dominant aggregate material and the main substitute for natural gravel. However, different rocks have different characteristics and are not suitable for all forms of ballast. The bedrock has therefore been classified for different uses. Analyses (technical analyses, mica content and activity indices) on which the classification is based are also reported.

In all construction of roads, railways, bridges and houses, ballast materials are required. Ballast is made exclusively from crushed rock, natural gravel or moraine. Natural gravel is a finening natural resource that is also an important prerequisite for accessing clean groundwater. The environmental quality target decided by parliament on natural gravel wants to limit the use of natural gravel to those uses where it cannot be replaced by other materials. Gravel deposits important for the natural and cultural landscape must also be preserved.

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Last reviewed 2021-09-02