Change projects are implemented by the participants in their home countries with the support of mentors from Sweden.

Developing and implementing a change project is integral to the training programme. The aim is in the short perspective to develop solutions to current challenges where the participants are active. The change project is a process where good governance principles are both goals to achieve and tools to implement positive change.

The change project in ITP308 is:

  • formulated and proposed by individuals or an organization,
  • refined and structured during the online training,
  • implemented by the participants during 10 months of project work,
  • supported by a mentor,
  • established in the organisation’s processes and procedures,
  • reported and evaluated at a regional conference,
  • built upon and sustained in coming trainings.

The Mine water and mine waste management programme is made up of four parts: an introductory module, an online training, a change-project work section and a regional conference. The change project is developed, implemented and evaluated during all phases of ITP308. The participants in the training will produce several reports, evaluations and presentations to document implementation of the project. The outcome and evaluation of the project is presented to the organisation and relevant stakeholders.

More information

To read more in-depth information about change projects in the ITP308: Mine Water & Mine Waste Management course read our guideline document:

Download the Guideline document

There are several documents you will need to fill in during your change project. Note that deadlines are given during the online training.

Download Project plan (pdf)

Download Halfway report (pdf)

Download Project report (pdf)

Download Initial project presentation Template (Powerpoint)

Download Final project presentation Template (Powerpoint)

Latest Change projects

Kenya (G7) – Inspection Checklist for ASM sites during decommissioning

Liberia (G7) – A sector-level regulation and guideline for the management of TSF in Liberia

Rwanda (G7) – Register for inventory of operating and decommissioned tailing management facilities

Tanzania (G7) – Guidelines for management and disposal of empty cyanide containers

Zambia (G7) – Mine Inspector’s Handbook – A Guide for Inspecting a Tailings Storage Facility

Previous Change projects

Kenya (G1) – Environmental framework for mine site closure

Kenya (G2) - National guidelines for licensing and inspection of mine waste storage facilities in Kenya

Kenya (G3) – Toolkit for permitting and inspections of waste rock dumps in mining sites

Kenya (G4) – A training manual for artisanal mining committees in Kenya: Checklist for the artisanal mining permit

Kenya (G5) – Finalizing, Piloting, and Capacity Building on the Artisanal Mining Committee Manual

Kenya (G6) – Mine Safety Toolkit for ASM in Taita Taveta County

Liberia (G4) – Environmental stewardship minimal benchmark toolkit for artisanal miners

Liberia (G6) – Environmental stewardship minimum benchmark training toolkit for artisanal and smallscale gold miners

Ethiopia (G1) – Environmental management guidelines for artisanal mining in Ethiopia

Ethiopia (G2) – General mine closure plan guideline for Ethiopia

Ethiopia (G3) – Compliance monitoring checklist for environmental and mine safety management of gold and related mines operation projects

Rwanda (G5) – Guidelines of tailings management in the small-scale mining sector in Rwanda

Rwanda (G6) – Guidelines of Tailings Management in the Small-Scale Mining Sector in Rwanda

Tanzania (G1) – Guidelines for mine water and tailings management for small and medium scale mines

Tanzania (G2) – Joint inspection checklist for mines

Tanzania (G3) – Mine waste management drawings for small scale mining

Tanzania (G4) – Simplified training and awareness material for mine waste management in small and medium scale mines

Tanzania (G5) – Draft guidelines for Management and Disposal of empty Cyanide containers

Tanzania (G6) – Training program for Mine water and Tailings management for small and medium scale miners in Tanzania

Zambia, MSD (G1) – Tailings storage facility tool kit

Zambia, ZEMA (G1) – Guidelines for inspection and review of tailings storage facilities

Zambia, MSD (G2) – Toolkit for waste rock dump inspection

Zambia (G3) – A national guideline for mine waste facilities - waste rock dumps and tailings storage facilities

Zambia (G4) – Training manual to enforce the national guidelines for mine waste storage facilities (tailings storage facilities and waste rock dumps)

Zambia (G5) – Initiative to Enhance Formalization of ASM in Zambia

Zambia (G6) – National Guidelines for Design and Management of Tailing Storage Facilities (TSFs) and Waste Rock (WR) Dumps in Zambia