Below you will find online learning material linked to the ITP308 to help you prepare for the programme.

Are you preparing for the International Training Programme 308: Mine water and mine waste management? Or just generally interested in the subject of mining, sustainability and human rights? Our online learning material can help you! 

Below are 5 different links. To start, we recommend looking at the first chapter in the Introductory knowledge module, Chapter 1: An introduction to minerals, ore and exploration. Then continue with the next chapter, and so on. When you are done with the chapters you can test what you have learned by doing the quiz found at the bottom of the page. The quiz randomizes questions from the chapters to test what you know about mining and the environment. Once you complete the quiz with full marks you are fully prepared to take on the ITP308!

To learn more, look at the Advanced knowledge module and read the 4 chapters in this section. These are longer and more in-depth.

You can also look at the virtual field visits available. These are guided videos of mine visits and other resources.

Lastly, to test your knowledge of social impacts in the mining industry, try the interactive roleplay below which puts you in the shoes of a mine inspector in a fictional country.