For the moment, there are no more programmes scheduled.

Below you can rad more about the programme, the application process and requirements. 

Invited countries

Kenya, Liberia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia were prioritised countries. The participants, and the change project they proposed, have been supported by their organisation with a clearly stated commitment for the applicant to participate in all phases of the training and to support, implement and finalize the change projects.

Target group

The programme invited applicants from government authorities involved in permitting and inspecting mines such as environmental protection agencies, mining inspectorates, mine safety departments or equivalents. Applicants proposed change projects that have a direct bearing on the management of mine waste and mine water. 

Language requirements

The training programme have been organised and conducted in English. 

Health requirements

Considering the training programme consisted of international travels and work away from home, good health and full working capacity was conditioned.