Geological research is the foundation that carries Earth science and its applications forward. SGUs contribution is to provide support to universities, conduct our own research, and take part in networks and collaboration projects.

SGU provides fundings for research in Earth science to Swedish universities. The aim with the research support is to meet society’s need for applied geology and contribute to a sustainable development. SGU hands out around 5.8 million Swedish crowns to research projects every year. Four priority research areas were presented for the period 2015-2020;

  • Basic knowledge development on Sweden's geological conditions
  • Ore formation and innovative development of methods for locating deep mineralizations
  • Sustainable rock material supply
  • Dissemination and proliferation risks of pollutants into groundwater, water and soil, and sediment in lakes and seas

SGU also conducts its own research as well as take part in networks and collaboration projects, with for example universities.

Last reviewed 2020-09-22