GeoRegister is a reference database on Sweden's geology with references to some 47,000 documents. GeoRegister contains references to published as well as unpublished documents on geological conditions in Sweden.

The contents of the database can be used by researchers, students and consultants, for example, and not least by all those wishing to know more about the geology of their local area.

The database includes references to:

  • The majority of SGU's published and unpublished documents
  • Some 6,000 Geological Society of Sweden dissertations
  • The majority of all unpublished reports on mining exploration spanning the past four decades
  • Most Swedish groundwater survey reports
  • Sand, gravel and crushed rock material inventories
  • At present there are references to approximately 47,000 documents.

Most of the information available in GeoRegister is in Swedish. Many titles and abstracts are in English, however.