Our Inspire data

Many authorities, both in Sweden and in Europe, work with geodata. Inspire will lead to increased cooperation between authorities and countries and better access to this data.

Inspire - an European infrastructure for geodata 

Inspire stands for Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe. Inspire is an EU directive that sets binding rules for setting up a geodata infrastructure within the EU. 

The purpose of Inspire is to provide better access to public geodata. Authorities should be able to more effectively exchange data with each other. The goal is to provide better access to geodata through various services on the Internet, such as the Swedish Geodata portal. Once Inspire has been implemented, it will be possible to combine data from different member countries without having to change formats or methods. 

Provisions for exchange, access and use

The directive contains common provisions for the exchange, access and use of these public geodata and services. This means that authorities subject to Inspire must adapt their data and services.

Inspire legislation

The law and the regulation on geographical environmental information govern the Swedish implementation of Inspire.

Information responsible authorities

Lantmäteriet, together with information authorities, ensures that the Inspire Directive is implemented nationally. By information responsible authorities is meant the authorities that according to Inspire are obliged to make their information available. The regulation on geographical environmental information clarifies which authorities have information responsibility and for which information applies.

Lantmäteriet is responsible for coordinating and supporting the national implementation of Inspire.

Last reviewed 2020-03-24