Geodata collaboration

Geodata collaboration gives authorities, municipalities and other organizations access to a comprehensive range of geodata.

Lantmäteriet responsible for the coordination of the spatial data area. The coordination responsibility means that Lantmäteriet develops and manages the national infrastructure for geodata together with municipalities such as SGU, county administrative boards, other authorities and organizations.

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The Swedish National Geodata Strategy

The strategy show the way for all actors within the geodata field. The vision is that open and usable public geodata are the foundation for a robust and sustainable Sweden, freely available for the whole society.

Access to geodata contribute to equal conditions, promotes innovation, enable digitalization and also actively contribute to good, safe and sustainable living conditions for the citizens.
The national strategy for Geodata is produced by Lantmäteriet in cooperation with participating authorities and organizations in the Geodata council.

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Last reviewed 2020-12-02