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Photo: Elisabeth Magnusson, SGU

Data in web map services (WMS)

Data from our Map Viewer are also available as web map services (WMS). You can use them in your own GIS-system. They can also be accessed by websites that use a map-based interface to connect to WMS services.

WMS services is a standard method (ISO 19128) of providing map images that can be viewed in GIS software and accessed from portal-style websites using a map-based interface allowing data from different providers to be visualised spatially and compared. The datasets are made available as Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Map Services version 1.1.1. and WMS version 1.3.0. The datasets support SWEREF99-TM and all versions of SWEREF99 yy mm-zones. The datasets are mainly in Swedish. 

Bedrock, ore and mineral



Bedrock ages, isotope analyses

Bedrock 1:1 M

Bedrock 1:50 000 – 1:250 000

Drill cores

Ores and mineralizations

Mineral resources

Mineral permits

Mineral deposits of national interest

Groundwater, wells and groundwater monitoring


Groundwater 1:1 M

Environmental monitoring, groundwater chemistry



Geophysical ground measurements, prospecting areas

Airborne geophysics, gamma radiation uranium

Airborne geophysics, gamma radiation, potassium

Airborne geophysics, magnetic field

Airborne geophysics, gamma radiation, thorium

Geophysical ground measurements, gravity measurement


Biogeochemistry, copper

Ground geochemistry, copper

Quaternary deposits

Ground stability properties

Ground permeability

Quaternary deposits 1:25 000–100 000

Quaternary deposits 1:200 000, Västernorrland

Quaternary deposits 1:250 000, Nordligaste Sverige

Quaternary deposits 1:750 000, Mittnorden

Quaternary deposits 1:1 M

Landslides and gullies

Marine geology

Environmental monitoring, sea- and lake sediments

Marine geology: metals, nutrients and organic environmental toxins

Marine geology 1:25 000

Marine geology 1:500 000

Last reviewed 2020-06-03

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