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Charges for SGU:s data

Below you will find the current prices for our publications and data.

Many of our publications can be downloaded for free through our search engine GeoLagret. Printed reports, maps, maps descriptions and brochures may be ordered for free from our customer services. Those publications that are currently not available in print may be ordered for a fee. 

Fees for copying and printing

The prices below include VAT. 

Format/quantity Black and white Colour
A4, page 1–9 Free  10 kr
A4, 10 pages 50 kr, additional pages 2 kr a piece 5 kr
A3 5 kr per page 15 kr
A0–A2   188 kr

Binding of a report: 45 kr.

Plastic binding of plane maps up to 60 x 100 cm: 100 kr.

On purchasing more than one copy of the same size and edition we give a 35 % discount on the price for all copies apart from the first. 

When purchasing products from us you will also be charged with a fee for delivery. 

Charges for extracting information from our databases 

The prices below does not include VAT. 

Product name Standard fee in SEK Price/unit in SEK
Lithogeochemistry 1200  4/point
Isotopic dating of rocks 1200 -
Bedrock map 1:1 000 000 1200 -
Bedrock map 1:250 000 1200


Bedrock map 1:50 000 1200


Bedrock outcrop data 1200 4/point
Drillcore information 1200 2/point
Mines, deposits and prospects 1200 -
Mineral permits 1200 -
Quaternary deposits (QD)    
QD map 1:1 000 000 Free of charge  
QD map 1:200 000 Västernorrland          1200 3/km2
QD map 1:25 000 – 1:100 000 1200 6/km2
QD map 1:250 000 northern Sweden 1200 3/km2
Stratigraphical observations (QD) 1200 -
Soil geochemistry 1200 4/point
Barents project Free of charge  
Biogeochemistry 1200 4/point
Glacial striations 1200 1/point
Water wells 1200 2/point
Airborne geophysics – high resolution    
Gamma radiation (K, U, Th) 1200 1/km2
Magnetic field 1200 1/km2
Slingram (EM) 1200 1/km2
VLF (EM) 1200 1/km2
Sky-TEM 1200 1/km2
Airborne geophysics – low resolution (interpolated 200 x 200 m)    
Gamma radiation (K, U, Th) 1200* 0,1/km2
Magnetic field 1200* 0,1/km2
*) No standard fee if ordered together with high resolution data.    
Airborne geophysics    
Sky-TEM resistivity models 1200 1/model
Barents project TEM and gravity Free of charge  
Ground geophysics 1200  
IP (before 1980) - 0,1/point
IP (from 1980) - 0,3/point
Magnetic field (before 1980) 0,1/point
Magnetic field (from 1980) - 0,3/point
Slingram (EM) (before 1980) - 0,1/point
Slingram (EM) (from 1980) - 0,3/point
VLF (EM) (before 1980) - 0,1/point
VLF (EM) (from 1980) - 0,3/point
Ground geophysics - Gravity 1200  
Regional - 2/point
Regional, interpolated (500 x 500 m) - 0,1/km2
Prospecting (before 1980) - 0,1/point
Prospecting (from 1980) - 0,3/point
Ground penetrating radar (SERA) 1200 10/km

Seismic data

Seismic profiles (SERA) 1200 100/profile
OPAB data Cost given upon request  

Petrophysical data

Density and magnetic properties (lab) 1200 1/sample
Gamma radiation on outcrop (field) 1200 2/point
Magnetic susceptibility on outcrop (field) 1200 0,3/point

Last reviewed 2020-09-21