A smeltery is needed when you want to extract your metals from the ore and make them useful. Different amounts of waste slag will be produced during the process. You can put the slag in the smeltery once more to extract more of the metal. You will also need various amounts of coal or buckets of lava and fill 1-3 slots in the oven for the extraction, which represents different energy levels for the process.

Composed by:  One oven and four blocks of feldspar.

Smältverk Smeltery Recept smältverkRecipe

Alloy furnace

The alloy furnace is used for mixing different metals and make alloys. No waste slag is produced in this process. Fuel in the alloy oven is coal or a bucket of lava.

Composed by: One melting furnace and three blocks of bricks.

Legeringsugn Alloy furnace Recept på legeringsugn Recipe

Prospector’s pan of steel

To pan gold and diamonds in the sand in river biomes.

Composed by:  Four pieces of steel.


Jet pack

The jet pack will enable you to fly around in the different gaming  worlds (in survival mode). It will therefore be exciting to explore the environments and it will also be easier to the detect ores, veins and other resources. The jet pack works as long as the battery is charged, and then you have to connect it to the battery charger (the charge is visible through a bar when you have the jet pack on your back).

Composed by:  Four aluminium ingots, two titanium ingots and one lithium battery.

Jet pack Jet pack Recept jet packRecipe

Monster warning system

The monster warning system can be used to detect monsters at a distance. The monster warning system has to be charged in the battery charger.

Compose by: Two quarts blocks, two copper ingots, one piece of cordierite and one lithium battery.  

Monstervarnare  Monster warning system Recept på monstervarnare  Recipe

Heart starter

If you get hurt or die during during the game, the heart starter will allow you to restart and keep the possessions that you found so far. The heart starter needs to be charged after it has been used.

Composed by: Two titanium ingots, two tantalum ingots, one lithium battery and one REE ingot.

Hjärtstartare Heart starter  Recept på hjärtstartare Recipe heart starter

Lithium batteries

Rechargeable lithium batteries are used in several products, e.g. the heart starter, jet pack and monster warning system.

Composed by: Steel and one lithium ingot.

Litiumbatteri Lithium battery Recept litiumbatteri Recipe lithium battery

Battery charger

Is used to charge the lithium batteries. The battery charger is driven by solar power and hence it will only work during day time and when it is sunny. Products with a lithium battery like the jet pack, heart starter and monster warning system can be plugged in to the charger.

Composed by: Three REE ingots, one day light sensor and three copper ingots.

Batteriladdare Battery charger Recept batteriladdare Recipe battery charger

Sand paper

Is used to polish blocks, slaps and stairs. The sand paper will work on the following rock types: gabbro, marble, granite, gneiss, diabase, limestone, quartz, shale and schist.

Composed by: a garnet, slime and a paper.

Sandpapper Sand paper Recept sandpapper Recipe sand paper

Magnetic compass

Is a tool to help you localize iron ores. The magnetic compass will start to react when you are less than 20 blocks away from the ore. The closer you get to the ore, the bigger reaction from the compass.

Composed by: Four iron ingots and one copper ingot.

Magnetisk kompass Magnetic compass Recept magnetisk kompass Recipe magnetic compass


Is an alloy made of seven iron ingots, one piece of coal and one tungsten ingot.

Stål Steel Recept på stål Recipe steel


Is an alloy made of seven  copper ingots and two tin ingots.

Brons Bronze Recept på brons Recipe bronze


Is an alloy made of six copper ingots and three zinc ingots.

Mässing Brass Recept på mässing Recipe brass