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6 July 2021

Webinar: UNs classification of natural resources

Welcome to an introduction to UN:s classification of natural resources. Mining, groundwater supplies, waste, aggregates, traceability, renewable energy and carbon capture and storage – all can be comprised in the UN system for the classification of natural resources, UNFC.

This system is beginning to have a major impact in the EU and globally and aims to effectively manage the resources we depend on to achieve the global goals and cope with climate change.

Sustainable management of energy and raw material resources in a rapidly changing global economic landscape requires accurate mapping of supply and demand. UNFC is a unique system in which resource quantities are classified on the basis of three fundamental criteria that reflect technical feasibility, environmental socio-economic viability and degree of confidence concerning a specific resource. UNFC is already being introduced in many countries and by some companies, for a more effective management of resource endowments and socio-economically efficient development of the energy resources contributing to sustainable development.

Start: September 6th, 2021 10:00 CET
End: September 6th, 2021 15:30 CET

In this webinar we learn more about how the UNFC system works, international experts share their experiences and we also get to meet Swedish researchers and government representatives.

All talks will be held in English.

The webinar is free of charge, welcome with your registration!
Register to the webinar on UNFC here

The webinar on UN Framework Classification of Natural Resources (UNFC) is organized in collaboration with Vinnova. The webinar will be recorded and available through SGU's website.

Preliminary Agenda

Moderators; Erika Ingvald Head of Division, Mineral Information & Mining Industry Geological Survey of Sweden, Vice Chair, UNECE EGRM Bureau, Anna Ottenhall, Programme Manager Industrial Technologies Vinnova, Therese Bejgarn R&D strategist, Geological Survey of Sweden.

Additional speakers are to be confirmed.

Welcome & Introduction
Anneli Wirtén, General Director Geological Survey of Sweden, and Anna Ottenhall, Programme Manager, Industrial Technologies, VINNOVA.

A framework for international cooperation on Sustainable Resource Management.
Scott Foster, Director, Sustainable Energy Division, UNECE

David MacDonald, Chair EGRM

The UNFC Toolkit.
Harikrishnan Tulsidas, EGRM Technical Lead, UNECE Sustainable Energy Division.

Resource classification in the context of circular economy: Case study review.
Andrea Winterstetter, Flemish Institute for Technological Research – VITO

Blockchain technology to improve transparency in the mining sector.
Nathan Williams, Minespider.

TraceMet – a national example of traceability in metallic mineral flow.
Erik Lindblom, IVL.

CIRCLA – tracing raw materials and value flow in the industry.
Malin Rosqvist, RiSE.

Questions & Answers

12:15 Lunch

13:00 Case and study reviews:

Mineral specifications
Aaron Johnson, Co-Chair, Minerals WG

UNFC application to sand and gravel resources in an Austrian pilot area.
Sebastian Pfleiderer, Geological Survey of Austria.

UNFC Case study – REE, exploration prospects and secondary resources in Sweden.
Erika Ingvald, Swedish Geological Survey.

UNFC application to mining tailings project: Conventional and sustainable perspectives.
Rudolf Suppes, Project Engineer, CBM GmbH.

Screening and assessment of tailing mining projects in compliance with UNFC.
Soraya Heuss-Aßbichler, Professor, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.

Groundwater specifications.
Kevin Parks, Chair, Groundwater WG.

Underground injection and storage.
Serge van Gessel.

Questions and Answers.

Summary: Erika, Therese & Anna

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