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14 December 2016

SGU participates in new EU-projects for sustainable mineral resources

SGU participates in three newly granted EU-projects with the aim of securing a sustainable mineral and metal supply base by exploiting the available intra-EU resource potential of primary and secondary sources.

The three projects X-MINE, SCRREEN and FORAM relate to SGU’s strategy and efforts to contribute to resource efficient mining operations and sustainable use of the country's mineral deposits, as well as boosting and promoting sustainable growth in the mineral sector. The projects are funded by Horizon 2020, the EU's largest program of research, innovation and development targeting sustained economic and competitive growth, and provision of more jobs, as well as skills and technological competencies.

The X-MINE project supports better resource characterization and estimation along with more efficient near-mine exploration and ore extraction in existing mine operations using novel sensing technologies. Some of the major objectives to be addressed and achieved are to minimize the extraction of waste rock, and to create better environmental and working conditions. SGU will have the lead of the work package on ore geological modeling, including 3D, and will be funded with about eight million SEK during a three year period.

The SCRREEN project (Solution for Critical Raw Materials - a European Expert Network) will form a network to manage the sustainable supply and policy issues related to EU's potential primary and secondary resources of critical materials. Primary resources refer to geological mineral resource and metal potential, whereas the secondary resources refer to recycling and recovery of metal potential in waste, such as scrap and mine tailings. SGU will have a leading role in mapping the intra-EU secondary resources, but is also involved in the work with policy issues. SGU’s part in the SCRREEN project spans over two and a half years and is funded with about 460 000 SEK.

FORAM’s (Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials) goal is to create an annual international forum for raw materials. SGU will over a two-year period contribute with making a global analysis to identify and document relevant stakeholders, funded with 260 000 SEK.

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I bild ses ett exempel på en geologisk 3D-modell från Pajala

SGU will lead a project about geological ore modeling within X-MINE. The image is an example of a 3D geological model from Pajala. Figure from Luth et al. (in press): The Pajala Deformation Belt in northeast Sweden: Structural geological mapping and 3D modelling around Pajala. Sveriges geologiska undersökning


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