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17 March 2015

PhD study of Laisvall-type Pb-Zn sulphide deposits

Nicolas Saintilan will defend his PhD on Laisvall-type Pb-Zn sulphide and basement calcite-fluorite-sulphide vein deposits on Thursday 19th March at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Michael Stephens has been one of the two supervisors and SGU has partly financed the study.

Nicolas Saintilan at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, will defend his PhD entitled “Key controls, age, source of metals, and role of organic matter on the origin of Laisvall-type Pb-Zn deposits and their relationship to calcite-fluorite-Zn±Pb sulfide vein-type mineralization in Baltica basement (Sweden)” on Thursday 19th March in Geneva.

Lluis Fontboté (University of Geneva) and Michael Stephens (SGU) have been the two supervisors. Michael´s work with this project has been carried out in the context of his position as visiting professor at Luleå University of Technology and he will participate in the activities in Geneva. The external examiner at the PhD will be Stephen Kesler (University of Michigan, USA).

The PhD consists of one paper already published in Economic Geology, one paper resubmitted after review to Economic Geology, and three manuscripts to be submitted after his PhD defence to international peer review journals.

The PhD study has been financed by the Swiss research council, Boliden AB and SGU.