Accessibility report for sgu(2).se

Here we describe what shortcomings there are in accessibility for and how we plan to remedy them. Here you also get information on how you can contact us if you discover deficiencies.

The Geological Survey of Sweden (Sveriges geologiska undersökning), SGU, is behind this website. We want as many people as possible to be able to use the website. This website describes how complies with the law on accessibility to digital public service, any known accessibility problems and how you can report deficiencies to us so that we can remedy them.

How accessible is the website?

We are aware that parts of the website are not fully accessible. See the section on content not available below for more information.

What can you do if you can not use parts of the site?

If you need content from that is not available to you, but which is exempt from the scope of the law as described below, you can email us at The response time is normally 24 hours.

Report deficiencies in website accessibility

We are constantly striving to improve the accessibility of the website. If you discover problems that are not described on this page, or if you believe that we do not meet the requirements of the law, then let us know so that we know that the problem exists. Please contact our customer service (see telephone number and e-mail under the heading Contact SGU).

Contact SGU


The authority for digital administration is responsible for supervising the law on accessibility to digital public services. If you are not satisfied with how we handle your views, you can contact the Digital Administration Authority and report it.

Contact the Agency for Digital Government (new window)

Technical information about the accessibility of the website

This website is partially compliant with the Digital Public Service Accessibility Act, due to the shortcomings described below.

Content not available

  • Lack of compliance with legal requirements
  • The e-service "Send e-mail" because it must be protected with a so-called recaptcha due to the risk of abuse.
  • Equations are displayed today on some pages as image and not as readable html. We are constantly working to replace these.
  • Some pages do not have a publication date. We work to get dates on all pages. If you visit a page without a date and want to know when it was published / last changed, you are welcome to contact our customer service.
  • The images on are largely adapted, however, there may be some images that lack alternative text. We work continuously to write alternative texts on the images that lack this.
  • Our video recordings are subtitled, but they lack a text-based script or other presentation of the recording.
  • Our video recordings are not visually interpreted.
  • Help text is missing for some incorrect entries in our forms.
  • Unable to undo clicks.
  • Not all form fields are marked in the code.

Unreasonably burdensome adjustment

SGU invokes exceptions for unreasonably onerous adaptation in accordance with section 12 of the Act on Accessibility to Digital Public Services for the content below.

  • Some tables require horizontal scrolling.
  • Content not covered by the law
  • The pages "Vacancies" because the function is managed in a separate HR system that we can not change ourselves.
  • Maps not intended for navigation.
  • The page "Search in GeoRegister via map".

How we tested the site

We have made a self-assessment of

The most recent assessment was made on September 21, 2020 and was approved by the webmaster.

Last reviewed 2024-07-12