Geochemical atlas of Sweden

The Geochemical Atlas of Sweden is a national compilation of till geochemistry which shows elements’ natural background concentrations and their spatial distribution in Sweden. The Geological Survey of Sweden has compiled this geochemical atlas because of the increased demand for knowledge of metals and other elements in the environment.

The book contains maps for 66 elements and pH in till supported by geochemical maps of grazing land (from the GEMAS project) and 14 biogeochemical maps (aquatic plants, SGU database). Detailed map descriptions in Swedish and English follow each map and statistical results are presented as tables in the attachment. The book also contains background information about Swedish geology, mineralisations and geographic conditions.

The geochemical atlas has a wide range of applications, e.g. in spatial planning including land-use, environmental monitoring, epidemiology, forensic medicine, research, mineral exploration and crisis management.

Below you can download the complete book (91 MB) or each chapter separately. Single maps and descriptions are available on the Maps and descriptions page. Data and tables can downloaded from the Data and tables page.

Geochemical atlas of Sweden 
(complete book, PDF. 91 MB).

The books separate chapters can be downloaded through the links below (PDF, opens in a new tab):
1. Introduction
2. Methods
3. Geochemistry of agricultural soils
4. Biogeochemistry
5. Maps
6. Glossary
7. Acknowledgement
8. References
9. Appendix 1: Statistics
10. Appendix 2: Background levels of elements in till in Swedish counties
11. Appendix 3: Element properties

Paper copy of the book can be ordered from SGUs customer service for 150 kr.

Last reviewed 2021-01-13