SGU´s mission statement, vision and objectives

Mission statement

"We take responsibility for questions relating to bedrock, superficial deposits and groundwater."

We do so by serving as a centre for geological information and as an expert agency and through the exercise of our powers as a public authority.


"Our knowledge and information concerning geological conditions and minerals management will as a matter of course be put to use, resulting in well-founded decisions that promote economically, socially and ecologically sustainable development."

Overall objectives

Objective 1

Our knowledge and information concerning the country’s geology and the management of its minerals will meet the needs of society and be objectively based, easily accessible and well known.

Objective 2

Our active influence will help to promote sustainable use of the country’s natural resources.

Objective 3

We will contribute to a high level of geoscientific knowledge in Sweden.

Objective 4

We will give a lead in national and international collaboration for the common good of society.

Objective 5

We will have clear corporate goals, competent managers and efficient operations that are continuously improved in terms of quality, health and safety at work, and impacts on the external environment.

Objective 6

We will offer an attractive place of work with a working climate that promotes health – characterized by equal opportunities, diversity and participation – and in which we cooperate with openness and respect for one another and for different skills, roles and tasks.

Last reviewed 2020-09-22