Despite the continued disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mine water and mine waste management programme (ITP308) organisers and participants remain persistent in the dedication to the programme and its work. Online conferences, webinars and courses are all in the pipeline for 2021.

Online conferences


The conclusion of the training for each group of participants is normally carried out in a so-called Regional Conference, in one of the participating countries. Due to the pandemic, the programme was unable to hold the planned conferences in Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam in 2020. Therefore, the organisers have planned online versions of the conferences in 2021, where the participants can meet again, present their change project work, and be awarded their long-awaited certificates.

In addition to the change project presentations, there will be presentations and discussions on ASM and its formalisation, the environment and gender issues led by John Tychsen (Director, ASSM Consult Aps.). Mr Tychsen has extensive knowledge of the topic, particularly from Africa, and have produced handbooks and training on the theme.

The open parts of the two-day online conferences take place on the 7th of May and the 17th of June.

Online course

Because of the pandemic, the organisers of the programme have had to re-think the format of the training and do their best to create an updated, digital version of the Mine water and mine waste management programme (ITP308). Logistical and technological challenges have had to be overcome in creating the online version of the course, as the original programme is largely based on field visits and classroom discussions. However, with a few innovative ideas such as virtual field visits and interactive roleplays, the organisers will continue to work with the participating organisations and individuals to give everyone the best possible opportunity to participate in the training, no matter the distance that separates us.

Virtual field visits

Interactive roleplay

All this together can appear almost overwhelming, but nonetheless, the organising team looks forward to sharing the new format with the participating organisations and professionals shortly. We look ahead, towards an exciting autumn with new participants and a new agenda to keep mine water, mine waste and its associated social and environmental challenges priority topics for a sustainable mining industry.


From classroom discussions and field trips to interactive roleplays online. (Photo: SGU)

Phot: SGU