We thank all our colleagues from Group 7 for a nice and interesting week in Kitwe, Zambia!


A lot has happened during the beginning of the new year. Two of our group members, Roger Hamberg and Jonathan Hamisi, have left ITP308 for new adventures with different employers. We wish Roger and Jonathan all the best of luck in their new careers.


Thank you, Jonathan and Roger, for your valuable contributions throughout the years. We wish you all the luck and success in your coming adventures!

Luckily, we have been fortunate to have our old colleague, Mattias Fackel, join us as a replacement for Roger and Jonathan for the remainder of the program. Mattias was part of the launch of ITP308 and brings vast experience in prospecting, mining, and environmental issues from both Europe and Africa. We warmly welcome Mattias back to the team! (Bild Mattias)


Mattias Fackel will join us until the end of the program in 2025.

The new year of ITP308 in 2024 started with a fantastic regional conference in Kitwe, Zambia, together with our colleagues from Group 7. In total, we were 20 colleagues gathered in Zambia's copper belt, and during the week, we visited the 'wettest' mine in the world, a modern open-pit copper mine, and a mine site currently undergoing rehabilitation for future use by the local community. Very exciting study visits (see pictures)! During the week, we also had the opportunity to listen to presentations on our colleagues' exciting change projects. We also had a day dedicated to presentations and discussions mine closures. Thanks to all of you in Group 7 who contributed to the fantastic week!


About 1.000 m below ground in the “wettest” mine in the world, Konkola Copper Mines, Chilabombwe.



Now, we are gearing up for the final training session within our program and are happy to welcome colleagues in Group 9 to the introductory training weeks. At the end of May, participants from Zambia and Tanzania will meet Mattias in Dar es-Salaam, and participants from Rwanda, Kenya, and Liberia will meet Jonnina in Kigali for the online sessions. We wish you all enjoyable training weeks!