Interactive Roleplay Exercise: Social Impacts in Mining


This interactive roleplay exercise takes place in a fictional country called Pangora. Below follows an introduction to Pangora, as well as a description of the setting to the exercise.

Magda Mining, a multinational mining company, has recently procured a large piece of land in the western parts of Pangora where many deposits of valuable minerals have been found. Magda Mining has also been granted approval from the authorities to open a new mine on this land in Area West. Magda Mining has never before operated in a context similar to Pangora.

The national agency in charge of mine inspections is called Environmental and Social Control Authority (ESCA). You are a mine inspector at ESCA, in charge of monitoring the activities of the newly established mine.


This is the country Pangora where these exercises will take place using scenarios and roleplay. The places, actors and events of this exercise are fictional, but with inspiration from the real world.

Area West is bordering to Pangora’s neighbouring country, Danbola. Some years ago there was a military coup d’etat in Danbola, which pushed the country into the verge of civil war. Although the political situation has stabilised during the last year, a few regions are still controlled by rebels.

Area West is one of the most rural areas of Pangora, with general low standards of living. Most people are dependant on subsistence farming as well as hunt and gatherer-practices. Formal employment levels are very low.

There is one larger town in Area West, Westship. ESCA has a regional office in Westship.

General infrastructure levels and access to public services are low in Area West.


The land which has been procured by Magda Mining contains several communities, some of which will be relocated to make room for the new mine.

A river runs through the area, and is the main source of fresh water and fish for the local population.

Large parts of the area is covered in forest. There is also a nature reserve in the area that is fenced and patrolled by rangers to preserve biodiversity.