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Supervision of an operating mine

The annual inspection of mines in operation may involve the following elements. The inspection includes an assessment of whether the operator is complying with the provisions of the Minerals Act governing the way in which exploitation and related operations may be carried out.

  • The time of the inspection is decided in consultation with the permit holder, i.e. the mining company.

  • Before the inspection the mining company receives written information about what the inspection will entail, e.g. brief up-to-date information from the company, mining operations, financial security, concession conditions, production and plans, geology, mine survey and mine or field visits.

  • Follow-up of any matters arising from previous inspections.

  • The Chief Mining Inspector draws up a memorandum at the inspection, which is sent to the mining company for information and possible comment. Following amendment, a final version of the memorandum is sent to the mining company.

  •  The mine inspection is concluded when the memorandum has been sent to the mining company or, if actions are required following the inspection, when those actions have been taken by the operator.

  • Alternatively, actions identified by the Chief Mining Inspector at a mine inspection may be dealt with within the scope of a separate new supervisory matter.

Last reviewed 2021-03-03