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About GeoLagret

Find and download maps, reports and geological data.

In GeoLagret you can search for and download many of SGU's products. It includes, among other things:

  • Maps
  • Reports
  • Brochures
  • Downloadable geological data
  • Orderable geological data
  • Links to our various map services

You can search either with text or in a map, or with a combination of both.


Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox are examples of browsers. Newer versions of browsers are generally the most secure. At present, GeoLagret works best in the Microsoft Edge browser. However, we work to ensure that GeoLagret works just as well in other browsers.

Find what you are looking for

The left menu contains various functions to help you find the product you are looking for. You can:

  • use the search function with free text at the top left (write words in quotation marks then it works best),
  • search for products in the map that can be found under "Geographical search" directly under the free text search box. The search result is presented in the main window "Results".
  • refine your search using different search criteria found below "Geographic Search" in the left menu

Free text search

Enter your keyword in the field. If you want to use an exact phrase, put it in quotation marks, for example "K 421". It does not matter if you use uppercase or lowercase letters in the keywords.

Geographical search

Enter the name of a county, municipality or town and search for products from that area. You will then get a result list. Select by ticking the result you want. Then the main window shows all products for the selected area. You can also use the drawing tool in the map to draw an area and search for products within that area. 

When you do a geographical search, you also get with the products that have no specified geographical distribution, such as national compilations and more general geological reports.

Refine your search with search criteria

You can narrow your search by selecting the following search criteria:

  • series
  • subject area
  • product type
  • publication date
  • author

You make a delimitation by checking one or more search criteria. When you narrow down the search based on the product's release date, select the period for the release.

The delimitation you have selected is displayed as blue boxes above the result list in the main window. By clicking on the cross in the blue box, you remove the specific delimitation.

You can also choose to display only products that are downloadable or geographically searchable.

Search results

Your search results are displayed in the main window, to the right of the menu with free text search and search criteria. You can get more information about the product by clicking on its title. 

Each search result in the list has a number of symbols that show what type of product it is. Some of the symbols are clickable. Hold the mouse pointer over the symbols to see an explanation. The explanation describes what happens when you click on the symbol. 

You can save your search, by saving either your search criteria or the search results displayed in the main window. You will find the save functions in the menu "Manage search results" above the main window. 

  • Save the search criteria either as a named search or as a URL.
  • Save the search results either as a named list or as a URL. To save the search results to a list, you first need to select the search results you are interested in. You can add new search results to your existing lists. 

Downloadable products

You can download some SGU products. If your search result can be downloaded, the symbol will appear in the "Links" column in the main window. The symbol shows the download format of the file, such as documents, vector data, and so on. Hold the mouse pointer over the symbol to see an explanation and click on the symbol to download the product. 

Orderable products

If a product cannot be downloaded, it can be ordered. Then you should contact SGU's customer service to get more information and any price information. 

You can save your searches and search results by: 

  1. Select the search results you want to order.
  2. Click "Manage search results" above the main window, and click "Save selected search results as URL".
  3. Copy the link and attach it when you contact SGU's customer service.

Last reviewed 2021-02-15