Mineral resources information office in Malå

Mineral resources information office in Malå

Photo: SGU

Mineral resources information office

The Mineral Resources Information Office is located in Malå, Västerbotten, and is a branch of SGU. The Office is responsible for archiving and assisting with material for exploration. The Office is also responsible for general information about minerals. The Mineral Resources Information Office also houses SGU's National Drill Core collection.


Staff at the Mineral Resources Information Office are on hand to answer questions and assist with withdrawing information and material from the archives.

Appointments for longer visits

If you wish to make a longer visit it is a good idea to announce your visit well in advance. This is especially true if you want to use the logging rooms in the drill core archives. Call or e-mail so we can prepare for your visit and so give you the best service possible!


Several visitors might be at the Office at the same time. The information that visitors or others at the office are handling is treated confidentially.

Document Archives

The Document Archives comprise a large number of maps, exploration reports, field notes, drill core documentation, work material, and more. The material consists of hundreds of thousands of documents collected over a period of more than a hundred years, and new material is being continuously added.

Drill cores

SGU's National Drill Core collection consists of more than 3 million metres of drill core from more than 19 000 boreholes from all over Sweden. At the collection there are rooms for core logging and sampling.

Other service

  • Office space For shorter visits of 1-2 days, it is possible to borrow a room at our Office during ordinary hours (08:00–16:00).
  • Copies are made at cost price.
  • Internet. There is access to free wireless broadband on the premises of the Mineral Resources Information Office.
  • Scanning The Office has several scanners, including A3 and A0 colour scanners.


Last reviewed 2020-10-08