Drill core

More than 3 million metres of drill core

Drill core collection

SGU's National Drill Core collection consists of more than 3 million metres of drill core from more than 18 000 boreholes from all over Sweden. New drill cores are being continuously added.

Many of the drill cores have core logs, results from geophysical borehole measurements, chemical analyses, and more. Scanning of this material is in progress. Besides this documentation on the drill cores there are logs of about 8 000 boreholes that no longer exist.

The National Drill Core collection is housed at SGU's Mineral Resources Information Office in Malå.

Core logging and sampling

Next to the collection there is a room for core logging and sampling. The room should be booked well in advance. Visitors may borrow a key to the drill core collection to gain access to the premises around the clock and at weekends. Visitors can also access an office space.

The Mineral Resources Information Office is able to provide facilities for logging and sawing drill cores and storage. At a cost of SEK 1000/day, including bringing out material, anyone at all can make an appointment and examine drill cores from SGU's own material.

Visitors can also take new test samples of drill cores in the collection if a sufficient portion of the core remains. A copy of the analysis results is to be submitted to the Mineral Resources Information Office within six months. After these six months, the material becomes publicly available. Since the cost for analysis was previously very high, most of the drill cores have been sparingly analysed.

The “Drill cores” map viewer

SGU has a large collection of drill cores. The “Drill cores” map viewer shows where the drill cores were taken and whether they are stored in the collections in Malå or in Uppsala.

The “Drill cores” map viewer (new window)

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