15 November 2016

New bedrock data over northern Sweden

New bedrock data over the southern parts of Norrbotten county is now available from SGUs bedrock database.

An area of ​​approximately 40,000 square kilometers in southern Norrbotten has been surveyed by SGU in order to increase our knowledge of the geology in the area. The bedrock data can be used as a basis for mineral exploration for ores, industrial minerals, dimension stone and aggregates. It is also important as a basis for planning infrastructure, but also in environmental studies (such as natural levels of metals in soil), mapping of water in bedrock and research.

The bedrock database is a result of several large mapping projects at SGU between 2002 and 2016 in southern Norrbotten: Barents, Southwest Norrbotten, Jäkkvik-Boden, Mellersta Norrbotten Moskosel-Harads and Stensund. The bedrock database is based on different mapping methods where the presentation scale varies between 1:50 000 and 1:250 000.

During the same period SGU carried out airborne geophysical surveys over large parts of the area where electromagnetic and/or gamma radiation measurements were missing. From these new measurements the electrical resistivity and current density can be derived. The data can be used to detect water bearing deformation zones. Gravity measurements have also been performed.

Electrical resistivity map over southern Norrbotten made from electromagnetic (VLF) surveys.

Electrical resistivity map over southern Norrbotten derived from electromagnetic (VLF) surveys.

Results from outcrop observations, litogeochemical, petrophysical and soil geochemistry analysis as well as information about the bedrock ages (which is also available in SGUs Map Viewer) in SGUs databases.

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