Mining provides raw materials for construction of infrastructure, energy production and for all tools and appliances we use daily. Our society depends on mining for supply of raw materials, not only metals but also non-metal resources such as building stone, limestone, sand and potash. While mining supplies the raw materials we need, the mining industry can also be an important employer, investor and tax payer contributing to local, regional and national economies.

At the same time as the benefits of mining are apparent there are few industries that impact the environment in such an obvious and intrusive way. Mining and the waste left by mining can seriously impact the environment and the people depending on it. Managing and mitigating the impacts of mining on the environment has come to be one of the most considered aspects when planning, reviewing, permitting and managing mining projects.

The Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) organizes the training programme with support from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Swedish EPA) and Luleå University of Technology (LTU). The programme is primarily offered to staff and management at government authorities tasked with permitting and inspecting mines. The training presents the science behind management of mine water and mine waste, and integrates several principles equally important to prevent and mitigate environmental impacts: professionalism, transparent processes and a human rights perspective.

The training is divided into four phases: an application process followed by preparatory studies, three weeks of training, ten months of project work supported by mentors, and a regional conference where experiences and outcomes are presented and shared.

Some of the topics in the training are:

  • Waste characterization
  • Acid mine drainage
  • Mine closure and remediation
  • Sampling and monitoring
  • Governance and human rights
  • A gender perspective on mining
  • Cyanide in gold extraction
  • Uranium mining
  • Sustainable mining

Do you want to know more about the training, and how to apply? Follow the link below.

ITP 308 "Mine water and mine waste management" on Sidas website and application details

Read the brochure about ITP 308 (pdf)