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The FRAME project is part of the GeoERA Raw Materials Theme. The project focuses on critical raw materials (CRM), but also includes other metals and minerals that are currently not on the EU's list of critical raw materials.

The FRAME project (Forecasting and assessing Europe’s strategic raw materials needs) is working with increasing the knowledge about critical raw materials. The aim is to better understand mineral potential and prospectivity of areas within the EU. The goal will be to use this knowledge to find areas in the EU where there is potential to find mineral resources.

The project includes the following:

  • Develop an updated knowledge base based on existing and newly acquired minerals data.
  • Define the state-of-the-art with regards of these elements and minerals.
  • Invent possible secondary sources of these elements and minerals in historic mine sites.
  • Develop new products that make visualization of the data simpler, e.g. maps.
  • Develop new metallogenic models for CRM and strategic minerals and hence.
  • Develop predictability maps where possible.
  • Disseminate the knowledge base through a wide community of potential stakeholders, European, national and regional policy makers, exploration companies and the general public.
  • Significantly contribute towards a common spatial data platform and one-stop-shop for verified, quality minerals data.

SGU is leader for two work packages in FRAME: WP3 and WP6.

WP3 – Critical and Strategic Raw Materials Map of Europe

Objectives: To develop metallogenic research and models at regional and deposit scales as well as prospectivity maps, with special attention to strategic and critical minerals in support of more efficient exploration and mining.

WP6 – Conflict free Nb-Ta for the EU

Objectives: To survey the pan-European distribution of the conflict metals Nb-Ta and also enhance their exploration interest and potential in order to produce them ethically and indigenous to the Community. Case studies from Spain and Sweden has been selected for detailed studies.

More information

New information of the project can be found at the project website

FRAME – Forecasting and assessing Europe’s strategic raw materials needs

The latest news focus on prospectivity mapping and metallogenetic areas (e.g. Tantalum and Rare earth elements:

FRAME Newsletter, June 2020


Martiya Sadeghi (WP3)

Helge Reginiussen (WP6)

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