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SGU is organised to meet the society’s need for geological information. Our five departments reflect the broadness of SGU’s expertise – we have an economic-political as well as an environmental-political task from the government.

One of the departments is the Mining Inspectorate. This is the official body in Sweden responsible for issuing permits for exploration and mining. The Mining Inspectorate is headed by the Chief Mining Inspector.

The SGU head office is located in Uppsala. We also have branch offices in Gothenburg, Lund and Malå. The offices of the Mining Inspectorate are located in Luleå.

The organization chart of SGU.

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Anneli Wirtén, tel. +46 18 17 91 26

Director-General Assistant

Anna Thorngren, tel. +46 18 17 91 32

Deputy Director-General

Göran Risberg, tel. +46 18 17 91 35

Operational Support

Head of Department: Göran Risberg, tel. +46 18 17 91 35

Human Relations Director: Christina Wallman, tel. +46 18 17 90 68

Mineral Resources

Head of Department: Kaj Lax, tel. +46 18 17 93 94

Physical Planning

Head of Department: Lars-Inge Larsson, tel. +46 18 17 90 69


Head of Department: Helena Kjellson, tel. +46 18 17 92 92

Mining Inspectorate

Chief Mining Inspector: Åsa Persson, tel. +46 920 23 79 07

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