15 February 2016

New data from scanned drill cores

New scanning data from approximately 1300 drill cores is now available in SGUs map viewer Drill cores

Scanning has been done with a technique called hyperspektral IR and both high resolution pictures with optical pictures and IR pictures were taken. A total of 200 000 meters drill core from Norrbotten and Västerbotten county have been scanned with this technique. The data can be seen through SGUs map viewer Drill cores.

The scanning is part in a two-year project that was funded by the government. Drill cores from about 17 000 boreholes is located in the Mineral Resources Information Office in Malå, a total of about 3 million meter drill cores. 

Read more about scanning drill cores and how to order data

Open the map viewer "Drill cores"

Product description, Hyperspectral IR, data from drill cores, processed data, level 2 (pdf, new window)

Product description, Hyperspectral IR, data from drill cores, raw data, level 0 (pdf, new window)

The online tool for viewing scanned drill cores is currently having problems with the latest versions of Google Chrome (version 45 and later). Please use another browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).