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20 April 2015

Data release from scanned drill cores

The first data from SGUs drill core scanning project can now be ordered. This gives access to entirely new and unique data for exploration, research and geological documentation. The data can be used by exploration companies as well as researchers and will contribute to a sustainable use of Sweden’s mineral resources. The results will be published trough the SGU map viewer “Drill Cores” and data can be ordered from the customer service.

The Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) has on ongoing project at the national drill core archive in Malå to scan 200 000 meters of drill core from Norrbotten and Västerbotten. The first data from the project are now available. The scanner covers the visible, short wavelength and long wavelength parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and the acquired images can be used to obtain information about the mineralogical composition of the drill cores. Information about the mineral composition of a drill core provides knowledge useful for the interpretation and modelling of rocks origin and geological development. It is new and totally unique data that can be used for exploration, research and geological documentation.

How to order data

To access the drill core data, open the SGU Map viewer Drill cores. To obtain information about the scanned drill core you click on the symbol to open a popup window with the metadata about the selected drill core. By clicking the link “Scanned drill core” you will open an online tool where you can view and interrogate the data and images from the selected core. The images are from visible and near-infrared VNIR, short-wavelength infrared SWIR and long-wavelength LWIR spectral images as well as a high-resolution optical RGB images. Data is ordered per drill core. The ID number for the drill core is visible when you open the information window for each drill core. Also choose if you want raw data (level 0), processed data (level 2) or both. Data volume for one drill core box (cirka 10 m core) is approximately 1,5 gigabyte (GB). Data is delivered on USB disks of 2 terabyte (TB) capacity. The data itself if free of charge, but we charge a delivery fee of 1200 SEK plus 1000 SEK for each USB data disk.

The data is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic (CC BY 2.5). That means you are free to share, copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format and adapt (remix, transform, and build) upon the material for any purpose, even commercially as long as you give attribution to the Geological Survey of Sweden.

Different processing levels

As a standard partly processed data is delivered (level2 data). Level 2 represents a processing level where the data has undergone instrument and project specific system corrections, the data has been reflectance corrected and has been prepared for further spectral processing and product generation. Level 2 data also includes False color composite (FCC) images. Raw data (level 0 data) has not been processed i.e. no data correction, normalization or band subsetting has been performed on this data. As of today, level 0 data is available from 38 drill cores. Level 2 data is available from a subset of 28 of these. More data will be released as the project continues. Full processing (level 5) that includes mineral identification will be performed on 10 000 meters of drill core. The level 5 data will be released at a later stage.

The drill core scanning project

Open the map viewer "Drill cores"

Product description, Hyperspectral IR, data from drill cores, processed data, level 2 (pdf, new window)

Product description, Hyperspectral IR, data from drill cores, raw data, level 0 (pdf, new window)

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