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20 November 2014

New book: Geochemical Atlas of Sweden

The Geochemical Atlas of Sweden presents a national compilation of soil geochemistry. With this atlas, SGU provides information on natural occurrence of elements and their spread in soil and water. The book is richly illustrated with maps, statistics and descriptions of the properties of elements.

The Geochemical Atlas of Sweden describes the geochemical conditions in soil, and the natural occurrence of elements and their spread in soil and water. One goal for this work has been to develop a nationwide database, based upon results deduced from modern analytical methods. The atlas presents these results with 67 national maps of the distribution of elements and pH in till. Maps of elements in pasture are also included as well as 14 biogeochemical maps. The atlas also gives a geological background description illustrated with geological maps, a comprehensive geochemical method description, attachments with statistics on the analysis results and a summary of the properties of different elements.

The book comprises 210 pages and all information is given in both English and Swedish.

Editors: Madelen Andersson, Mikael Carlsson, Anna Ladenberger, George Morris, Martiya Sadeghi, Jo Uhlbäck.

The book can be ordered from SGU’s customer service at the cost of 150 SEK.

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