Latest News

  • SGU in Ethiopia on mining and environmental issues

    African mining authorities and stakeholders recently gathered on SGU’s initiative in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to discuss change projects that have been developed in order to improve environmental protection in mining activities.

    20 September 2019

  • Exploration Newsletter September 2019

    What´s up in the exploration and mining industry in Sweden? Find out by downloading the latest issue of Exploration Newsletter.

    22 August 2019

  • Knowledge exchange in Mozambique on mining and its environmental challenges

    Four African countries have gathered in Mozambique to share experiences on mining and environment in a meeting organized by the Geological Survey of Sweden and the National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (LNEG). The event is hosted by the National Directorate of Geology and Mines (DNGM) as well as the National Institute of Mines (INAMI).

    16 August 2019

  • New Map viewer, Bedrock chemistry

    "Bedrock chemistry" is the newest addition to SGUs Map viewers. It is helpful for identifying elevated levels of elements in nature, for example certain elements used in exploration and looking for toxic elements in groundwater.

    1 July 2019

  • New report on rare earth elements “REEs” in Sweden

    SGUs work with mapping occurrences of rare earth metals within Sweden and the EU in the EU-project EURARE has led to new knowledge about new and previously known deposits.

    17 June 2019

  • Knowledge exchange on mining and environmental challenges in Nigeria

    This week, twelve African countries have gathered in Nigeria to exchange experiences on mining and the environment for two weeks, in an event organized by SGU.

    5 April 2019