Collection of rock samples for analysis.

Photo: Dick Claeson, SGU

1 July 2019

New Map viewer, Bedrock chemistry

"Bedrock chemistry" is the newest addition to SGUs Map viewers. It is helpful for identifying elevated levels of elements in nature, for example certain elements used in exploration and looking for toxic elements in groundwater.

The new Map viewer Bedrock chemistry is now available via SGU's website. The purpose of the map viewer is to be able to visualize the distribution of elements and oxides for the rock samples found in SGU's national litogeochemical database in a relatively simple manner.

The map viewer gives the position for the sampling as well as a brief description and chemical analyses of rock samples. The amount of information on the samples, sampling methodology, analysis and sample preparation method, analysis laboratory and the number of elements analysed, varies greatly. The layer Samtliga element och provtagningspunkter (All elements and sampling points) show most analysed elements and metadata. The layer Urval, prospekteringsintressanta element (Selection, elements interesting for exploration) show certain elements which are particularly interesting when looking for raw materials necessary for our society. The layer Urval, element med toxiska egenskaper för dricksvatten (Selection, toxic elements for drinking water) show elements known to be toxic while in certain concentrations in drinking water. The concentrations in both layers are visualized by intuitive bubble plots.

Link to the Map viewer Bedrock Chemistry

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