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11 July 2018

Now you can play BetterGeo in the new Minecraft

We have now upgraded our BetterGeo mod so it works with the latest version of Minecraft 1.12. In BetterGeo geology is for real.

The mod has been completely updated so that it works with the latest version of Minecraft. We have also taken the opportunity to refine the functions. For instance, the jetpack you can build in the mod is now even better, and remaining bugs have been fixed.

One of the main changes for the updated version of Minecraft (1.12) is how the game’s recipe book works. Here you can see what can be made with the metals and minerals available in BetterGeo. It’s also easier in some game modes (Creative Mode) to gain an overview of all the blocks and items available in BetterGeo.

Built by gamers and geologists

SGU released the first version of BetterGeo in May 2015. There has been enormous interest in the mod since then. It has also been upgraded and improved a number of times. The mod includes ‘real’ rock and soil types. Gold, iron, diamonds and other deposits are not located randomly – they are found in the same kinds of rock as in real life. Methods of extracting and producing metals and minerals are also more realistic. And more environmental impacts are now included. For instance, smelters must be fitted with flue gas treatment to avoid polluting the surrounding area. It is also possible to recycle metals and other materials.

The aim of BetterGeo is to increase understanding of, and interest in, geology and its importance to society. The mod has been developed by geologists and gaming enthusiasts to ensure a balance between realism and game enjoyment.

Have you played before? Note that you can’t use the worlds you have created in BetterGeo for Minecraft 1.7 – you’ll have to create new ones.


SGU has also continued to pursue a project funded by EIT Raw Materials, an EU research body. In collaboration with Ireland, Finland and Slovenia, we have developed instructive teaching and student materials based on BetterGeo. You can find BetterGeoEdu at:

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