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The Geological Survey of Sweden, SGU, uses the web analysis tool Google Analytics as a tool to get an idea of ​​how visitors use the website sgu.se. Visitors' behavior are analyzed to improve content, navigation and structure.

The analytics tool uses cookies and the information generated by them through your use of the website will be passed on to and stored by Google Inc.

By making settings in the browser, you can block cookies. Doing so may result that some services on the site, such as the listening feature, will not work.

Last reviewed 2021-03-12

Personal data incident

SGU wants to make you as a visitor to sgu.se aware that a personal data incident has occurred.

SGU uses the statistics tool Google Analytics and on March 1, SGU became aware that the function that anonymizes IP addresses in the integration with Google Analytics was not switched on. The error has now been fixed and from the afternoon of March 1 IP addresses has been anonymized.

The incident has been remedied and reported to the Privacy Protection Authority on March 4, 2021.